BLOSSOM PODS® is our portable Essential Oil Diffuser and is made using all  environmentally conscious materials including:


Hemp sourced from different parts of Europe grown in an all natural, sustainable environment.

Cotton woven in a small artisan village in Mexico. Passed down from generations, this traditional method involves weaving natural raw fiber, colored with safe natural dyes, and then allowing the fabric to dry in the sun on frames before transferring to looms to be woven.

Pottery that is hand-crafted, made from lead-free clay and hand painted twice using non-toxic paint.


Each BLOSSOM POD comes with an Essential Oil dropper to use with any of our 8 different Essential Oil blends.  Choose from our 8 different fabric colors listed below. Medallion designs vary with all 8 colors.


DIRECTIONS:  Simply fill the dropper full of Essential oil.  Apply by dotting the Essential Oil to the hand-painted pottery medallion.  Allow the Essential Oil to soak in.  Repeat as desired. 


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BLOSSOM PODS - $23.95 each

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