Founded in 2009, our company REAL ROOTS USA was born. Our passion was

to offer our customers unique products and essential oils to experience

aromatherapy anytime, anywhere in a natural, handmade, simple and cool way.


REAL ROOTS USA launched BLOSSOM PODS, its first handmade essential oil

diffuser that would be portable enough to take from your car, into your office,

then your Yoga class and be beneficial at the same time. Since then, we have

launched two more product lines using the same application method as

BLOSSOM PODS that are just as unique and beautiful.


The REAL ROOTS USA team of artists consists of members that are skilled

masters in their crafts of sewing, pottery, wood making and painting right here

on the west coast of Florida. Everything we sell is made by hand. We exist to

create products where the passion of hand-made and purpose of functionality

come together.


REAL ROOTS USA is a destination for finding your Essential Oil Diffusers and a

wonderful selection of essential oil blends that are both HEALTHY for you and





Real Roots USA is a family owned and operated, entrepreneurial company based in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. As an American-owned company, our passions focus on two core principles: keeping things natural and ensuring they are MADE IN THE USA.